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evolve:IT - your partner for genetic algorithm solutions and technology consulting.
evolve:IT is a young software company - founded in 2004. We are specialized in the development of software solutions where ever there are problems with computational power. Our approach is to use genetic algorithms to work around problems that are hard or impossible to solve using analytical algorithms. Our aim is to develop high quality, easy to use software.

We have developed a highly flexible genetic algorithm frame work that can be adjusted to a variety of problems. Learn more about our frame work in the 'technology' section of this page.

An example of how we incorporated our frame work into complete software solutions is ScenLab - a support tool for scenario bulding. You can find more information about ScenLab on our 'products' page.

Further, we can assist with the evaluation of scientific projects and technology consulting. Our specialty is to find creative ways to solve expensive and time consuming problems. If you have any inquieries about our products and services please use our contact page.

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Out now: ScenLab v1.7
On January 10, 2007 we released ScenLab v1.7 - The new Version incorporates a morphological matrix in the result analysis. Also, the export function was improved. It is now possible to export results directly to HTML, XML and plain text.
Please visit the product page for more information.

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