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evolve:IT, Scientific Software Systems was founded in May 2004 by Erik Gauger and Marc Müller-Stoffels. However, the development of the main product - the genetic algorithm framework - originates in 2001. What was first a fun student project became of use when Z_punkt GmbH, The Foresight Company asked their intern Marc in 2003 to find them a good software for their scenario process. This resulted in the development of our first complete software solution - ScenLab.
Erik Gauger, Dipl. Phys.
Erik completed his 'Dipl.Phys.' - the german equivalent to a MSc(Physics) at the University of Konstanz, Germany in November 2005 with distinction. In his thesis he worked on compter simulations about the 'Hydrodynamics of nanomachines in biology'. Erik studied physics at the University of Konstanz from 2000 until 2005. Currently, Erik is working on a PhD in Physics at Oxford, UK.
Erik has ten years of programming experience. Besides being executive director for evolve:IT he works on freelance software projects for Fischer Computer Technik where he used to be employed.
Marc Müller-Stoffels, MSc (Physics)
Currently, Marc is a graduate student (PhD) at the Physics Department of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, USA. He is working on the ice-albedo feedback in terms of complex systems dynamics.
Marc completed his MSc (Physics) at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand in June 2006 with distinction. In his thesis he studied the 'Preferred crystals orientation in fresh water ice sheets'. He studied physics at the University of Konstanz, Germany from 2000-2003 and at Otago University from 2004 on.
Before becoming executive director for evolve:IT Marc worked as a freelance webdesigner for several companies and as an intern for Z_punkt GmbH, The Foresight Company from 09.2003-02.2004.

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